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Since 2009 I've helped visionaries from all walks of life become authors. Whether you have an idea in your head, have a full-fledged manuscript, or are somewhere in-between, I will hold your hand and uplift you throughout the entire process from start to finish. You will never miss a beat. Let's collaborate on your idea and co-create what you've been envisioning. I will help you bring that to life.

  • Get in touch with me and share your vision.

  • With the benefit of technology — whether you’re in Tokyo or Toronto, we'll collaborate as long as you have an Internet connection.

  • With my proven step-by-step system, we collaborate and develop your vision.

  • Light up your industry by shining the spotlight on your expertise and become recognized as the "go-to" authority in your field.


As a ghostwriter and collaborator, many of the books I've helped produce don’t bear my name. Since 2009 I have written, edited, and developed over 20 projects that have either been self-published or published traditionally. In 2016 I created 3 #1 Bestsellers. Here are snapshot of some titles!

#1 Bestseller 2016 – Real Estate: It’s Not For You

Co-Authored by Lindsay R. Allison and Todor Yordanov. Edited and Published by Lindsay R. Allison. #1 Bestseller on Amazon 2016.
Find out why ordinary people — all with unique life experiences, ethnicities, backgrounds, different personality types, and unique life experiences — choose to invest in real estate.

Awakening to Reinvention

By Loraine Regisford. Edited by Lindsay R. Allison.
Awakening to Reinvention is that epiphany, “a-ha” moment, or turning point when you “get it” and decide to own your life. Through engaging life lessons, this book provides you with key revelations to life’s questions and circumstances so that you can move forward and adopt a new perspective.

Rare Breed: A Chinese Jewish Quest

By Irene C. Chu. Published by Lindsay R. Allison, Consultant Editor.
We, as readers, even as historians, too often assume that the Jewish experience unfolded only in the Middle East and in Europe and North America. The time has come that we look to the East, to fill in this missing page of the memoirs and history that tell of the experience of the Jewish people in the eastern world.


Written by Joey Ragona and Edited by Lindsay R. Allison: #1 on the charts for 3 weeks and counting.
The first of its kind, this guide will divulge what “freedom” really is and how to achieve it in all areas of your life, including real estate.


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